Who is Michael Feneley?

Dr. Michael Feneley, the Liberal candidate for Dobell, said in a recent mail-out to voters’ that the Liberal plan was to make record investments in health, yet he supports Scott Morrisons cut to health care. Feneley has previously stood as a Liberal Party candidate but failed to cross the line. Michael Feneley is a Scott Morrison blow-in with no ties to the Central Coast and doesn’t care about Coasties. What he doesn’t want you know is that his home is in Randwick.

There's no denying that Michael Feneley's corflutes have become a 'sea of visual pollution' in Dobell, creating at what can only be described as an unsafe distraction to motorists. Many of the corflutes have been erected without any consideration to road safety - such as the protruding corflutes on the safety mesh on the Saprks Road rail bridge, where there is no pedestrian access across the bridge, the poles along the centre median strip on the Tuggerah Straight, and the many roundabouts. Mr. Feneley's enthusiasm has been overshadowed by his total lack of responsibility in erecting these signs. Sound familiar? A Scott Morrison trait!

3 May 2022



MICHAEL FENELEY may be a doctor but he pretends to support health care.


The FACT is that he argued that the Federal Government should end funding for healthcare, including Medicare. “The most obvious area needing discussion is whether the commonwealth should retreat completely from the funding of healthcare,” he said. (The Australian, 21 July 2015).


Feneley further argued and defended:


  • Support for a GP co-payment – a tax on patients every time they go to the doctor. “Most Australians could afford a co-payment,” he said. (The Daily Telegraph, 12 April 2022).


  • A health system where your income determines your level of care. He argued that some medical treatments should be restricted because they are too expensive for everyone. (The Daily Telegraph, 12 April 2022).


  • He supports a health system where your age and gender determines your access to treatment. He said, “As our population ages… we’re going to have a greater and greater demand on the limited health budget. We’ll have to discriminate… If you’re a certain age and sex, (a specific) treatment might be reasonable, whereas for others it’s not.” (The Advertiser, 8 August 2008).


You can’t trust Michael Feneley on what Scott Morrison says about health, because Morrison has already stripped out Medicare.


The fact is Scott Morrison reduced the number of GPs in regional Australia, including the Central Coast, as part of his Medicare cuts. That’s why the Coast has a GP shortage and existing GPs are not taking on new patients, because they can’t cope.


One month after becoming Prime Minister Scott Morrison cut the number of GPs in Australia and regional healthcare has been in crisis ever since, including the Central Coast.


In order to save Medicare funding (the Government) needed to reduce the number of GPs practising in Australia. (Source: Senate, Community Affairs Reference Committee, Provision of general practitioners  and related primary health services to outer metropolitan, rural, and regional Australians, 7 March 2022).


Scott Morrison's pick for Health Minister if he wins the election does not believe Medicare is sustainable and cannot rule out cuts to health and Medicare. He previous said “Medicare in its current form is unsustainable.” (Source: Senate Hansard, March 2015).


Not only can’t you trust the Liberals on health you can’t trust Michael Feneley, because what he doesn’t want you know is that he’s not a local – he’s no more than a Scott Morrison blow-in. Michael Feneley is from the Eastern suburbs, more than 100-kilometres from the Dobell community.


Michael Feneley doesn’t want you to know that the Central Coast is his eighth choice – for him, any seat will do. It’s all about being elected to the Morrison malevolent team. He previously ran for the State seat of Maroubra in 2011 and the Federal seat of Kingsford Smith in 2010, 2013 and 2016.


He also tried to run for the Senate in 2018 and 2019 and the Federal seat of Wentworth in 2018.


Michael Feneley also claims that he stands for a strong economy and a stronger future under a Morrison Government.


The only two things that the Liberal Party pretend to be any good at are national security and the economy, and last week we've seen them fail on both. On national security, Australians are less safe today than they were a couple of weeks ago because of the stuff up on the Solomon Islands. And on the economy, Australians have now been hit by a triple whammy - interest rate rises knocking on the door today, inflation going through the roof and wages going through the floor. On top of that inflation is skyrocketing with indisputable proof of the worst rise in inflation in 20 years - the weekly grocery shop confirms that you are now paying more. And what does the nation hear from Scott Morrison, "It's not my fault."


So, the next time you're at Woolies and Coles and you're swiping your goods, and you hear the beep, beep, beep, ringing in your ears it is Scott Morrison echoing not my fault, not my fault, not my fault.


And it's not just increases in the price of food. It's increases in rent. Last week's report from Anglicare says that only 1.6 per cent of rental houses are now affordable for people on low incomes.


There's a housing crisis in Australia, and you've got Scott Morrison saying ‘if you can't afford to rent, buy a house’ - Scott Morrison to Planet Earth, there's a cost of living crisis and a housing crisis.


Every time Scott Morrison says ‘strong economy’ on TV, Australians are saying "it ain't that strong for me, mate".


Scott Morrison is out of touch, and his Dobell candidate Michael Feneley is out of touch in his support of the Morrison policies.


Michael Feneley is a serial political failure,who is the Liberal candidate for Dobell because Scott Morrison is desperate to be re-elected. He doesn’t care about the people, he doesn’t care about health but it does seem that he cares about supporting power poles from the plethora of corflutes throughout Dobell  – his only interest is helping the worse Prime Minister the nation has had to suffer give us three more years of self-serving governance.


Michael Feneley has so far failed to turn up at non political forums to state his case, because like Scott Morrison, he doesn’t want to answer the hard questions. A fact that is evident from the eventual reply to an email sent by Grapevine Editor Alan Hayes to Michael Feneley last Wednesday (27 April).


To reiterate, Alan Hayes said “I note in the letter that one of the priorities of the Liberal Government is to focus on renewal energy technology, yet Scott Morrison failed to deliver an adequate climate change policy for COP26. The Government has always been and still is supportive of burning fossil fuel as an energy source and is at odds continually with Nationals, who are anti climate change.”


“Secondly, many members of the local community have given more than a quarter-of-a-century of their lives fighting to protect the Central Coast’s major drinking water catchment from the ravages of coal mining beneath it. Although we have so far been successful in stopping the mining from occurring, Melissa Price, when Minister for the Environment, signed off on this mining project despite evidence from leading experts in their field, engaged by both the Council and the community, which clearly demonstrated that a coal mine beneath the water catchment district would destroy our only drinking water catchment supply.”


Mr. Hayes’ two questions to Mr. Feneley were how “can you ensure that the above two issues are not only important but are dealt with so that (a) climate change is given a proper outcome and not just reliant on yet to be invented technologies that may never be invented and (b) the Central Coast’s drinking water supply catchment is protected now and in the future from destruction by mineral extraction beneath it?”


In his reply to Alan Hayes’ letter Mr. Fenely said “Our plan for a Strong economy and Stronger future can be found in full at the party website. Our plan includes a comprehensive Environmental policy, which will assist your enquiry.


“I am aware of your interactions with former Members across the area, and your involvement in the Water not Coal initiative. From that involvement you will no doubt be aware of the steps taken by the NSW State and Federal Liberal Governments to protect the environment including right here on the Central Coast.”


"Mr. Feneley’s rhetoric did not come close to answering my question and the website that I was directed to was nothing more than Scott Morrison propaganda and again did not address the issues raised," Alan Hayes said.


"It is highly unlikely that Mr. Feneley personally answered the Hayes letter, which, in truth, was more than likely dealt with my one of his minions.


"The letter's narrative clearly indicated that the  author was aware of my connection with fighting the Wallarah 2 Coal Project.  However, they were unaware, or did not want to concede, that both the NSW and Federal Liberals shafted the Central Coast community and hung them out to dry in favour of the mine proponents, South Korean-owned mining company KORES – a position that remains unchanged to this day.


"If it was not for the community’s tenacity the mine would have gone ahead, no thanks to the Liberal Party."


Michael Feneley is out of touch with the Central Coast and he’s out of touch with the needs of our community. Why? Because he was parachuted into Dobell to parrot Scott Morrison’s self-serving political hoopla.

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