Vaccine thrift shopping

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s failed vaccination rollout has left Australia in a less than desirable position to go vaccine thrift shopping through different countries to secure more Pfizer vaccines in Australia.

9 September 2021


THE race is now on for Scott Morrison to dig us out of the grave he dug, previously approaching vaccination with an “it’s not a race” attitude.


Gladys Berejiklian pulled the Central Coast vaccines away earlier on in the lockdown and, while those supplies have supposedly been replaced, there has been an insufficient delivery of Pfizer to local GPs.


Liesl Tesch MP, Member for Gosford said that even in the vaccine thrift shop allocation the Central Coast is still missing out.


“The so-called not a race has turned into one where Australia is desperately trying to pull off the result of the tortoise in the well-known ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ fable,” Liesl Tesch said.


“With all of this extra supply it’s a concern none of the Pfizer doses have been directed to Central Coast GPs and a limited supply being directed to our local hospitals. We are also 11 weeks into lockdown and we are yet to have our own mass vaccination hub here."


“To get Pfizer on the Central Coast is an absolute nightmare and a nightmare that is repeatedly experienced in our community.”


Despite the Central Coast having relatively successful vaccination rates there is still a lot of work to be done to get the community closer to 80% fully vaccinated. As at 27 August, Australia’s Covid-19 Vaccine Roadmap showed that 62.2 per cent of people on the Central Coast had their first jab and 35.5 percent had their second jab.


The Central Coast vaccination rates have slumped from 7th to 15th in NSW, the result thought to be linked to poor vaccine availability.


The Central Coast has already picked up enough of the slack from the Morrison-Berejiklian Government and Premier Berejiklian has dodged criticism for the lack of supply of Pfizer on the Central Coast by saying “don’t be fussy”.


There is no doubt that Gladsys Berejiklian should be saying a huge thank you to the Central Coast community who have picked up the slack when it comes to taking up the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Those unvaccinated in our community have been waiting for months to get the promised Pfizer in their arms yet many are being left unvaccinated as a result.


There’s no point in the Premier standing up at press conferences everyday telling people to book, yet not having Pfizer supplies here on the Central Coast. The community is crying out for vaccines and Berejiklian must hear Coasties voices and give the Central Coast the supplies that we deserve, especially to those aged 12 to 18 who will need to go back to school soon.


Marie Haarstrup, a local grandmother is extremely concerned about the lack of Pfizer supply on the Central Coast for her grandchildren.


“They’re telling us at the media conferences that we are an area of concern but my understanding is you cannot get Pfizer vaccinations here,” said Marie Haarstrup.


“I can tell you now trying to get a 16-year-old vaccinated is impossible. I have been trying every day since the Prime Minister announced 16-year-olds can get the vaccine to get the status on it and book.”


“I was told by the NSW mass vaccination clinic helpline that Wyong have bookings on hold and after calling back today and being redirected to Wyong Hospital I have been told Wyong Hospital is not taking any bookings and that they are waiting for a system catch up.”


The concern for parents and grandparents about getting their teenagers vaccinated is only growing.


The Central Coast need vaccinations and we need them now. The Central Coast have picked up the slack of this Government for months and it is time that Coasties received their fair share of doses, especially for our younger population.


Parents who are already juggling working from home, supervising their children while they learn from home, and managing a household now have the added weight of booking their kids in for a vaccination.


Parents are calling up over 30 times, waiting hours on end just to get a vaccination booking for their children. This is an unacceptable result and the Morrison-Berejiklian Government must give Coasties a fair go for having a go.


While the Central Coast does not have Pfizer supply, Sydney vaccination hubs do.


Central Coast MPs are encouraging the Central Coast to not give up.


“While I keep pushing this Government and we wait for supplies here I really encourage Coasties, who are able to, to book in at the huge vaccination hubs in Sydney,” said Liesl Tesch.


“I have heard the stories of perseverance from many community members who have kept logging on to their vaccination account every day, checking for the most recent appointments and going to Sydney to get their vaccination when there’s a free spot.

“It is less than ideal but under this Sydney-centric Government, as Coasties we’re pretty used to having to cure their mistakes.


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