The Premier must call an urgent covid-19 health and economic summit

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian needs to urgently convene a Health and Economic Zoom Summit to help tackle the health crisis in NSW right now.

26 July 2021


The Premier would be able to present a roadmap for the next three months based on the best advice of NSW Health and the NSW Treasury.

The summit should include epidemiologists, health experts, community organisations and leaders, unions and business peak bodies, as well as parliamentary representatives.

The summit could act like a community cabinet, alongside the NSW Cabinet, to provide important community buy-in, feedback and acceptance.

Right now, everyone needs to work together to get through this crisis. We need The Premier also needs to take the community into her confidence.


Everyone, from all walks of life, are in this together, but representatives from those different walks of life must be at the table together, to send a clear message to the people of New South Wales that it is possible to get through the Covid-19 crisis.


Watching the Premier on television, keeping back the truth and with a look of despair and foreboding etched onto her face, hardly instills confidence in the community.

What is needed is buy-in, feedback and acceptance from the community in the roadmap to defeating the latest outbreak of Covid and to ensure everyone can come out of lockdown.

Getting through the next few months will require sacrifices from all parts of the community, from frontline workers, to businesses, parents and families, right through to those communities at the epicentre of the current outbreak.


The Premier must accept the fact that s she and her government are open and truthful with the community and takes the people into her confidence.

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