Toll rises to hit Coast commuters

Central Coast residents travelling to Sydney face a steep rise in tolls as the Liberal Government seeks to introduce distance based tolling.

6 May 2022


FROM July 1, tolls are already set to rise by 2 per cent placing more financial strain on Coast commuters at a time when cost of living pressures are already smashing household budgets.


The Liberal Government has announced a review into the tolling regime which will consider a shift to distance based charges, this would jack up the cost of tolls for the thousands of Coast residents who commute to Sydney for work every day.


Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, David Harris MP said “Central Coast commuters already pay through fuel taxes which adds to the cost of travel so any move to distance base tolling would be a further unfair impost onto.”


Swansea MP, Yasmin Catley said “A shift to distance based tolling would unfairly target workers on the Coast, which is all too familiar a story with the Liberal Government.


“What the Government needs to make clear is how they can justify increasing tolls on the workers of the Coast at a time when the cost of everything but wages is going up.”


Member for The Entrance, David Mehan said “We need toll relief not toll increases and that should be the tolling review.”


Gosford Member of Parliament, Liesl Tesch said “The cost of living is already through the roof and now Dominic Perrottet wants to take even more money from our pockets -  every time you jump on the freeway to Sydney, Mr Perrottet will be turning on the toll meter and taxing you even more for your trip to work.


“Mr Perrottet increased our tolls by more by 5 per cent in April now he wants to slog Coasties with even more taxes. This plan must be stopped.”

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