Demands to stop Liberal pork-barrelling

The Grapevine has exposed the Morrison Government’s addiction to pork-barrelling, revealing car park rorts, sports rorts, the bushfire fund and rorts for the sake of rorting, and directing the monies to Coalition-held seats to guarantee votes.


Now it can be revealed that the NSW State Government is also addicted to rorting grants programmes.

The Perrottet Government, just like the Morrison Government is addicted to pork-barrelling community grants to secure votes in Coalition held seats.

19 November 2021


DESPITE calls for overhauls in how Government grants are reviewed and issued, the Premier Dominic Perrottet has refused to commit to any changes that are designed to prevent resources going disproportionately to Liberal seats for the sake of winning votes rather than meeting community needs.


Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch supports NSW Labor’s proposed way forward and has been vocal in greater scrutiny in how grants from the State Government are issued.


“Giving money mostly to Liberal seats at the cost of our communities is a shameful abuse of the public trust that has been placed on the Liberal Government to perform their duties with honesty, integrity and for the greater good for all of New South Wales,” she said.


“Grants programmes need to be clear and based on a transparent eligibility criterion that gives money in accordance to need, not in accordance with what will win them the most votes.”


There have been many recent examples that exposes the extent of the issue, such as the $177 million Bushfire Recovery Fund set up in the aftermath of the harrowing 2019-2020 bushfire season that saw only $2.5 million go to Labor and Greens seats.


Ms Tesch says that this is perhaps the most disappointing example of Government funds being used inappropriately for political gain.


“I was thrown out of Parliament earlier this year for raising this issue on behalf of all Coasties, who are facing poorer infrastructure and less government support because of the deliberate actions of the Liberal Government to give most of our money to seats that they either hope to win or already control,” she said.


“I fully support government funding that is accountable, transparent, based on need and does not seek to serve another motive that is unjust and inequitable.


“This cannot go on.”

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