Peat Island land rezoning

must go back to the drawing board

The Dyarubbin Peat Island Association Inc (DPIA) has called upon Central Coast Council to reject the latest version of the Planning Proposal for rezoning Peat Island Land.

15 March 2022


DYARUBBIN Peat Island Association’s appeal to Central Coast Council to reject the latest Peat Island rezoning proposal is based on the following facts:


Property and Development NSW has rushed the public consultation – it should have legally been conducted by Central Coast Council NOT the proponent and, at best, must be redone.


Almost 400 community members and stakeholders lodged objections to the Planning Proposal during its exhibition immediately prior to Christmas. DPIA believes this represents only a small section of the community which is actually opposed to the Planning Proposal but, due to the timing of the exhibition so close to Christmas and coinciding with a COVID peak were unable to participate. Even though the consultation went for 12 weeks the DPIA believed it was rushed and should have been timed differently or extended.


The Gateway period has lapsed and this proposal has undergone significant transformations since its inception in 2014.


*This proposal is inappropriate and, if it goes ahead, will have substantial and far-reaching impacts on the heath of the river and local communities on the Lower Hawkesbury and throughout the Central Coast LGA.


DPIA President, Mr John Andrews, said “this is, and has always been, about the iconic and precious Dyarubbin (Hawkesbury) River and protecting its beauty, biodiversity and sustainability for future generations.


“On that basis, Property and Development NSW must withdraw its Planning Proposal and work with the whole community to find a sustainable use for the Peat Island Land west of the M1.


“A proposal for medium-to-high density housing with untested capacity to cope with the wastewater and sewer could have catastrophic consequences for the ecosystem of the entire Lower Hawkesbury,” he said.


“The DPIA remains committed to its vision for the Peat Island Land to remain in public ownership to protect this an iconic land and become a destination for all that includes a River Discovery Centre, Indigenous Cultural Centre, Historical information, a recognition of past residents, glamping, eco-tourism and many other sustainable public uses.”


According to DPIA, we call upon Property and Development NSW to withdraw its Planning Proposal and do further work with the whole community.

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