Council trials small dog off-leash area

at Tuggerah Dog Park

In response to feedback from the community, Central Coast Council is trialling the introduction of a dedicated small dog off-leash area at Tuggerah Dog Park.

27 July 2021


SIGNAGE has now been erected to identify an off-leash zone for small dogs weighing 10kg or less only, giving smaller breeds and puppies the opportunity to socialise in a separate off-leash area away from bigger dogs at the discretion of the owner.

Council Unit Manager Environmental Compliance and Systems Sara Foster said the aim of the trial is to improve dog safety and dog owner responsibility, reducing dog incidents within the off-leash area.

“The Central Coast community is made up of a high proportion of dog owners, many of whom love to enjoy our off-leash parks, reserves and beautiful beaches with their dogs,” Ms Foster said.

“We’ve received feedback that owners of smaller dog breeds and puppies could benefit from a dedicated area where they can safely enjoy taking their companion off-leash – a model which has worked successfully at other neighbouring councils.

“We look forward to seeing how both dog owners and their four-legged companions respond to the trial and if successful, will aim to make it a permanent fixture at Tuggerah Dog Park.

“As always, we ask that any dog owners entering our dog parks and off-leash areas ensure they have effective control over their dogs, pick up after them and have checked they are up to date with vaccinations. Please remember that your dog is your responsibility.”

Council Administrator Rik Hart said the trial is one example of how Council is working with the community to promote responsible pet ownership on the Coast.

“There are a number of designated off-leash areas across the Central Coast where dog owners can enjoy the outdoors while giving their pups a chance to exercise and socialise,” Mr Hart said.

“Of course, it is the responsibility of each dog owner to ensure their dog is adequately controlled when accessing these areas, so that everyone can feel safe and confident when using them.

“The trailing of on off-leash area for small dogs and puppies will support dog owners who may not be as confident taking their small dogs into an off-leash area with larger breeds, with the aim of reducing incidents at dog parks and making the space more accessible.”

To learn more about dog parks and off-leash locations across the Coast visit and search ‘dog parks’.

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