We must all work together

so that lockdown ends on 28 August

Yesterday was a tough day for New South Wales, one of the toughest and facing another four weeks of lockdown on top of the 33 days already in lockdown.

29 July 2021


AS people face an uncertain future from continual covid lockdown, the only certainty is that our Government, State and Federal, got it wrong. Their failure is now causing unprecedented anxiety and deteriorating mental health for families facing ever diminishing financial security.

We know there is uncertainty and anxiety for many families, workers and businesses across Greater Sydney. 

If further restrictions are required (beyond those announced today) based on the health advice and to ensure that we emerge from lockdown in four weeks’ time, the community needs the release of the health advice that these decisions are based on. Gladys Berejiklian needs to start being honest with the people and stop politicizing her daily announcements.


The latest government actions must be consistent and in the service of the publicly stated objective of getting infectious community COVID cases close to zero.


Given the sacrifice – both personal and economics – that the people of NSW are being forced to make, it’s only right that the Premier trusts them and brings everyone into her confidence, to share the health advice and modelling. Not to do so could well see more community unrest and resistance to comply with those health orders necessary to bring us through the current lockdown.


Everyone wants to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when it comes to getting through the current COVID outbreak, and commencing the pathway to recovery.


The Federal Governments announcement to provide the extra business support, as well as expanding the eligibility for and increasing the rate of the COVID Disaster Payment in line with JobKeeper, will help the recovery process.

No one in NSW should be worse off or face financial hardship for doing the right thing and following the health orders. 

This is a win for the businesses, workers and residents of NSW.


But can the Morrison Government’s ineptitude and delay in providing much-needed financial help be forgiven? How many businesses and individuals now face financial ruin because the Morrison Government sat on their hands? How many people have had thoughts about tasking their own life, or have done it, because they could no longer  see any hope in their life?


The Morrison Government should hang its head in shame, Scott Morrison should hang his head in shame, for failing the people.

It’s time Scott Morrison packed his bags and gave the top job to someone who is not just interested in the announcement or the photo op!

Grapevine News Online

Central Coast NSW

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