The bell has tolled

for Scott Morrison’s pub test

As the Federal election looms ever closer a confused prime minister, still peddling the same rhetoric in a vain attempt to disguise his failures, faced Sky News reporter Paul Murray’s pub test in Gosford three weeks ago in front of a crowd that was loaded with the Lucy Wicks faithful – many of whom were just as confused as Lucy Wicks and Scott Morrison. It was unashamedly obvious that Morrison’s desperation was becoming even more pathetic as he bumbled his way through the tough questions that came from the perceptive minority.

25 March 2022



SCOTT Morrison was in good company as he was questioned by Paul Murray. Seated in the front row, next to the Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, with the arms of their bodies so close together a cat’s whisker wouldn’t slip between them, was a gentleman wearing a blue t-shirt proudly professing the support of one Scotty’s heroes – Trumpian style politics at its finest. The Trump fan in the front row was an apt and a clear indication of what Scott Morrison and his government is all about. And all of this in front of the television cameras!


Not a good look for Scotty and not a good look for Lucy. But remember Lucy’s previous prophetic words: “[I] support my prime minister”. Not the voters that put her there but her prime minister. And now it would appear that Lucy enjoys the company of a Trumpian man!

Lucy Wicks (front row) and the unknown Trumpian supporter.

The pub test wasn’t one of Morrison’s finest moments. Just like he failed victims of the Black Summer bushfires, just like he failed on the Covid vaccine rollout, just like he failed on the booster shots, just like he failed on the RATs, and just like only this month he failed NSW and Queensland flood victims, Scott Morrison bumbled his way into another political failure.


Yet, not surprisingly, Scott Morrison, who doesn’t hold a hose and doesn’t give a R.A.Ts, admitted that some people have become frustrated with his government over the past few years but says the voters will make the right choice at the election.


"People have suffered a lot and they're suffering right now as we speak and as you go through times like that people understandably will get very frustrated and they'll get very hurt and they will express that and I understand that," he said.


"But as you get closer to the election, this isn't a referendum, this is a choice, it's about who you want to lead the country.”


Yet with his, and that of government’s, abject failure to lead, Scott Morrison still believes the Australian people should embrace him at the upcoming election and return him to office. The recent catastrophic floods, if anything, have sent a timely reminder to the nation that Scott Morrison is only there for the staged-managed announcement but with no follow through, until it is too late.


It was nine days before a national emergency was declared in Lismore and that is unacceptable – making announcements in front of the media, and only when you think it has a political advantage, is not the hallmark of leadership.


The problem is that we have a prime minister with nineteenth-century thinking. This was evident by the Trumpian-style-of-government supporter in the front row of the pub test, and who was almost glued to Lucy Wicks.


Scott Morrison can’t and won’t accept that climate change is real. His government continues to pander to the big end of town mining interests at the expense of future generations of Australians. He even went as far as to say during his feeble pub test speech that coal power will be around for ‘decades’.


"What you need in today's energy economy is you need to continue to run your coal fire power stations for as long as you possibly can and that is our policy,” he said.


"We want them to run as long as they possibly can because what that does is it helps the rest of the energy system, particularly renewables when they're not working you've got something in back up."


Clearly Scott Morrison, as he is with his religious ideology, is totally confused. He said that there a lot on non-renewable power in the system. "It is, it is, umm, it [renewables] don’t work when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.”


The classic non-answer deflection away from reality – “they don't want to transition to renewable energy. Plain and simple. And it will continue to cost people lives, property and the planet,” tweeted Mark Hyde.


The UN Secretary-General recently branded Australia a “holdout” for refusing to do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions this decade. António Guterres said  “A growing number of G20 developed economies have announced meaningful emissions reductions by 2030 – with a handful of holdouts, such as Australia.”


"The ruling Aussie Conservative Coalition, which despite my frequent criticism has so far resisted calls to completely shut down coal, is doing badly in the polls, and may lose to a green Labor coalition in this year’s federal election," he said.


Scott Morrison hasn’t done his homework – faith in coal is not the answer for a sustainable future.


The centre of Australia is bathed in sunlight, which can be turned into unlimited energy for the grid to feed homes around the country, including base-load power – not with solar panels and wind power but with helliostats. A heliostat, solar tower,  concentrates sunlight from reflectors that superheat salt in a seal container that steams water to run a turbine – the same result of a coal-fired power station but no pollution.


The world's first commercial concentrating solar power tower, operating near Seville, in Andalusia, Spain was constructed in 2006. The 11 megawatt solar power tower produces electricity with 624 large movable mirrors, providing electricity for domestic and commercial base-load use. In 2014 the Ivanpah solar electric generating tower, a 392 megawatt heliostat system, in California began supplying clean energy, paving the way for a fossil fuel-free future.


So, why doesn’t Australia learn by example?


Scott Morrison, who said he is a Pentecostal Christian, said that it helps “guide, encourage and strengthen me”. But he seems to have a clouded philosophy on his convictions and said his faith informs ‘the why, not necessarily the what.”


Is this why he won’t accept the science and accept that climate change is real? Is this why he can’t grasp the future that is already here? Is this why he believes that uninvented technology, which may never be invented, will suffice as Australia’s contribution in reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050?


Morrison’s lumbering pub test uncovered a politician hiding behind a shield of supposed public opinion instead of being honest and saying: “This is my personal view on what I believe should be acceptable to the community.” Such candour escapes the Prime Minister, with a cold forensic gaze that stretches plausibility to absurdity and keeps going until it becomes inevitability, as he blunders his way through a shambolic leadership at the expense of the nation.


The bell has tolled for Scott Morrison’s pub test and he failed, revealing that Australia is governed by a smirk of a man, in a script worthy of the disturbing world of Stanley Kubrick.

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