Morrison’s continual covid fail

Scott Morrison has once again been caught out lying about his failure to secure enough COVID-19 vaccines, despite pharmaceutical company Pfizer virtually begging his Government to sign an agreement to supply vaccines to Australia.

13 September 2021


AFTER months of denials from the Morrison Government, as reported by the Grapevine last week and over the past three months, documents released last week revealed that Scott Morrison dragged his heels shockingly to secure a Pfizer deal for Australia, with the company not even able to secure a meeting with Scott Morrison’s Health Minister.


Scott Morrison has shown his determination to mislead, obfuscate, dodge and flat-out lie to the Australian public, and, sadly, the problem is here to stay.


What's most disturbing is that Scott Morrison’s is not just that he's misleading people, but that his failures are having an enormous impact on our lives right now.


Thousands have contracted COVID. Millions have faced protracted lockdowns.


Health, welfare, jobs and livelihoods have all been hit hard.


Scott Morrison was not only negligent, when it came to getting enough vaccines to protect Australians, he blatantly lied about it.


When he said Australia was 'at the front of the queue for vaccines', he knew that wasn't true.


He didn't even try to join the queue, when he had the chance.


When Pfizer came knocking the Morrison Government delayed.


To make Scott Morrison’s lack off leadership worse there is now a rolling maul with the State Premiers over COVID-19.


Our nation is going through its biggest crisis in decades.

A global pandemic has hit our shores, made worse by a Federal Government that had two jobs and failed to do them - vaccines and quarantine.


As a result, we see ever increasing new COVID cases a day, hospitals under extreme pressure and half the country locked down, causing huge economic damage. All this, and a long way to go before our vaccination rate match countries like the UK and USA.


If ever we needed strong, cooperative national leadership to bring our country together, it’s now.

Sadly, we see the exact opposite from our Prime Minister.

Instead of working with our Premiers to fix problems, Scott Morrison just picks fights.

Like the naughty child who blames others for breaking a toy, with Scott Morrison it’s always someone else’s fault.

He continually fails the greatest test of leadership - taking responsibility.

Just like the bushfires, when he didn’t hold a hose, our PM now doesn’t hold a dose. 

And just like the bushfires, when he ignored the warnings that lives and homes would be lost, Australians are now paying the price for him refusing to take charge.


Fighting COVID and rebuilding our economy can’t be done by one level of government alone. It needs unity of purpose, with our Federal Government working in tandem with the states.

The daily whirlwind of finger pointing, blame shifting and fight picking that we get from this Prime Minister is the total opposite of what we need right now.


Australia needs a Prime Minister who will work with Premiers, not challenge them to a daily mud wrestle.

And what about people with disabilities?


Scott Morrison Government has as little as eight weeks to vaccinate all Australians living with disabilities.


There are fears people disability will not have reached the 70 per cent vaccination target when the broader population hits the same figure, which could be used as a trigger to end lockdowns.


Australians living with disabilities are terrified they will get sick or die if they are not vaccinated by the time the nation reaches the Doherty Institute modelling targets the Government is using to open the nation.


The Doherty Institute data does not include any specific reference to people with disabilities, a serious cause of concern for all Australians.


People living with disabilities have been left behind at every stage of the Morrison Government’s vaccination rollout and are at risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19.


Evidence suggests people with disabilities are more likely to become severely unwell and/or die from COVID-19.


Available figures show people with disabilities are severely lagging behind in the vaccine rollout, despite the Government’s plan to vaccinate vulnerable people by April of this year.


Many people with disability are unable to leave their homes to get tested and vaccinated against COVID-19 due to mobility or transport limitations, or voluntary isolation in response to the disproportionate risks of COVID-19.


What is going to happen to these people when Australia opens up and they are unvaccinated against the deadly Delta strain that is killing people each day?


This is fast becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated and the disability community is rightly distressed about a future where they or their loved ones are not protected from COVID-19.


Time and time again Scott Morrison never fails to demonstrate that he has failed the Nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been no leadership, just continual blame shifting for his obstinate ineptitude.

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Central Coast NSW

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