Morrison’s attack on Medicare

Scott Morrison has launched the biggest attack on Medicare in decades. This ambush will lead to hundreds and hundreds of surgeries being cancelled at the last minute and patients being landed with huge bills that will run to thousands of dollars, which they didn't expect.


Yet, while everyday Australians begin to feel the crippling blow of the Morrison hammer, the Prime Minister (as reported in the Grapevine on 4 May, ’Year of the Mate’) was caught handing out high-paying jobs to his Liberal mates - sucking on the golden teat of the Government milch cow at taxpayer’s expense.

8 June 2021



UNDER the cover of an understandable national focus on the Victorian COVID-19 outbreak, Scott Morrison has snuck out almost 1,000 changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule.


The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has come out very strongly against the changes, suggesting that it will lead to many cancelled surgeries right at the last minute. Scott Morrison’s razor-cuts take effect in just three weeks’ time, which may well land patients with huge bills that will run to thousands and thousands of dollars.


There's been no reasoning outlined by the Government to this massive change, the biggest change to Medicare we’ve seen in decades.


Australians that are already suffering are now being punished even further because of Scott Morrison’s ruthless Medicare cuts.


Patients have been left in limbo for months waiting to know if their procedure will still be covered or what changes will be made.


Patients now face the prospect of life-changing surgeries being cancelled at the last minute, or being landed with huge bills they didn’t expect.


The AMA warned the Morrison Government about the rushed nature of these changes and the fact they cannot be implemented without significant disruption to the provision of healthcare to countless Australians.


Shadow Minister for Health Mark Butler said, “The strip-down of Medicare involves 600 changes to orthopaedic surgery items, 200 changes to cardiac surgery items, and another 150 changes to general surgery items.


“It’s going to mean that patients can't go ahead with their surgery or it’s going to mean patients will be landed with huge bills of thousands of dollars that they've never been quoted for.”


The Morrison Government needs to engage reverse gear until it has sat down with doctors and with patient groups and actually consult with them about any proposed changes. Not just engage ’sports mode’ and accelerate people’s lives into penury and suffering.


Medicare should ensure that all patients can access medical treatment regardless of their bank balance and regardless of their credit card limit. This is this is one of the jewels of Australia's social safety net that has always everyone can access proper medical treatment.


Cutting Medicare is just another act of total bastardly by a Government who cares more about its wealthy friends than it does about looking after its everyday citizens. Cutting Medicare is in the Liberals’ DNA.

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