Morrison rips out the marrow from the bones of ordinary Australians

The Grapevine revealed yesterday that the Morrison Government’s attack on Medicare would leave many Australian’s on the healthcare scrapheap.


On the Central Coast we have an aging population - retirees who look forward to enjoying the ‘golden years’ of life - who understand that as age catches up on them the body starts to wear out. They do not want to be suddenly told by the Morrison Government that its latest act of bastardry may well leave them unable to obtain necessary health care without putting them into penury. As previously reported, more than 900 rebates under the Medicare Benefits Schedule are changing on the first of July that relate to private surgery.

9 June 2021



THE aging population on the Central Coast can forget about that hip or knee replacement, instead they can look forward to hobbling around in pain and, as the Liberals no doubt believe, be grateful to Scott Morrison for the needless ongoing pain and suffering as part of their retirement. After all, with all that extra pain and suffering that will be thrust upon them, retirees will truly know that they are still alive and continuing to live life to the fullest, albeit not a happy time.


The changes to Medicare have come as an absolute shock. It’s a shock to the medical profession and, more importantly, it’s a shock to the many patients who depend upon elective surgeries to change their lives and to improve their lives. These latest changes to Medicare will affect rebates for orthopaedic surgery, general surgery and heart surgery and will leave patients no choice than to cancel appointments or necessary surgery or cop the enormous fees, some of which come to more than $10,000.


What is incomprehensible, is that there was very little consultation with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) about the proposed changes. The AMA said, "we've been pleading with the government to talk about having more warning, months instead of weeks, ensuring a smooth transition. It just seems a bit bizarre that this hasn't happened."


The Government's actions are completely inexplicable. They’re always talking to the AMA, obviously, almost every week about a range of other things - why wouldn’t they give them the heads up?


What is even more bizarre is that there is a range of other doctor's groups, who perform the various surgeries, who have said they had little to no notice of the Medicare changes, leaving patients who have been waiting for shoulder surgeries, hip surgeries, elbow surgeries, cardiac surgeries - and all of the other things that are going to be impacted by this - left not knowing whether their surgery will go ahead, and if it does go ahead, whether they’re going to be out of pocket thousands and thousands of dollars they didn’t expect to have to pay.


Surgeons have been saying: "well, how on earth can we tell people what things are going to cost if we don't know what the new fee will be? We don't know what the private health fund rebates will be."


There is no doubt that the changes to Medicare will cause total chaos. And, as well as retirees, those people who do a lot of sport will also be among the hardest hit. They can develop hip, shoulder and hip problems more easily and patients will now have to cover the full cost of micro-surgery for a common hip condition, because Medicare will no longer accept the diagnosis.


It's not just patients who are confused by the machinations of the heartless Morrison Government, so are doctors and health insurers, who have been left reeling at some of the jawbreaking changes. The AMA is concerned that Australia will now be the only medically advanced country that doesn’t offer support for a type of hip arthroscopy. This incredibly important surgical procedure was just dropped in the dark of night.


For someone who likes the big photo-op and the announcement, where was Scotty from marketing while this nefarious Medicare Plan was being hatched? Nowhere to be found! Instead, the Government's callous attack on Australian's quality of life was snuck out while everyone was focused on the COVID pandemic and getting through the recession.


Yet, as the Morrison Government continues to rip out the marrow from the bones of ordinary Australians, they still expect to be voted in at the next election.

Grapevine News Online

Central Coast NSW

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