Morrison: a report card of failure

Wednesday night’s final leader’s debate of the election campaign saw Anthony Albanese declared the winner for the third time. And what about Scott Morrison – for a man of God he seems to have lost his moral compass. It was obvious that ‘Scotty from Marketing’ was more interested in ‘tuning’ the audience that had tuned in.

13 May 2022



SINCE SCOTT MORRISON stepped up into the leader’s chair, Australian’s have witnessed unprecedented rorting, pork barrelling, scandal and self-serving interests above the interests of the nation by his government - a government that paid half-a-million plus to keep  Alan Tudge’s mistress quiet and a Liberal Parliament of alleged rapists.


When on Wednesday night Morrison was pressed on the future of stood-aside Minister for Education and Youth Alan Tudge, he confirmed he would return to the Education portfolio if the Coalitions wins government - a disgraced Minister who also said earlier in the week he was willing to return to the front bench.


There is no shame in Morrison’s front bench line-up, many of whom belong to his parliamentary prayer group. Yet they and Morrison refuse to support the previously promised federal ICAC. Why?


And let’s not forget Health Minister Anne Ruston: she said Medicare should be cut because it’s “not sustainable” then went on to claim that raising income support would “give drug dealers more money.”


You seriously have to wonder about the calibre of the Morrison ministerial pick!


But Morrison, who  has the capability to string full sentences together when he really applies himself, even if the sentence is usually “how good is *blank*?”, doesn’t seem to care very little about the law. Whether it is a federal ICAC, basic workplace guidelines, freedom of information laws or anti-rorting laws; Morrison clearly doesn’t care. His unwavering commitment to normalise corruption, to brag about pork barrelling, and to actively fight any step towards accountability is a direct threat to our democracy from which we cannot recover.


The implication here is clear... and shameless. Morrison is now saying the quiet bits out loud: if you want money for your local community, you have to vote in a Coalition MP... or you will be punished.


And despite Morrison’s ‘attack dog’ rhetoric during Wednesday night’s leader’s debate his government has taxed more, spent more, borrowed more, has racked up a trillion dollars in debt and doesn't have a plan for the future. So, in terms of the Morrison Government’s economic credentials, you would question them based on these facts.


The Leader’s debate clearly demonstrated a constant struggle for Morrison, who exuded all the charm of a snake oil salesman – struggling in his mind no doubt about rorts and “how many vaccines does Australia need?”


Morrison’s reliance on flimflam and a confused belief that Australians have forgotten the past three years of lies, missing in action and always blaming someone else, is haughtiness of titanic proportions. Something that was evident in Wednesday night’s debate.


Whilst Anthony Albanese summed up by saying “We must work together to make it better”, Scott Morrison’s summation to the viewing audience was “You must work together” – no ‘we’, just ‘you’. As always, Scott Morrison wasn’t prepared to accept responsibility.


Albanese, however, was on the mark in his closing address when he said that a vote for Morrison was "three more years of more of the same".


"They don't really have a plan or a policy for the future because they struggle with the present and that's why this election we've got constructive plans and processes in place that we're putting forward to the Australian people," he said.


"If we don't elect a new government, we'll miss out on the opportunity to increase women's economic participation through cheaper childcare.


"We'll miss out on the opportunity to end the climate wars. We'll miss out on the opportunity to deal with cost of living and stop everything going up except for people's wages."


Scott Morrison’s Government, as the debate clearly exposed, was a government of failure; a government of excuses and a government where ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. It’s a government that has a gigantic F on its report card. So that you don’t forget the failures of the past three years, forty of the Morrison Government’s failures have been complied by the Grapevine.


  • Climate Action - Fail

  • Investment in Renewables - Fail


  • Energy policy - Fail


  • Environmental Protections - Fail


  • Protecting the GBR - Fail


  • Establish Federal ICAC - Fail


  • Indigenous Voice - Fail


  • Fix Aged Care - Fail


  • NDIS - Fail


  • LGBTQI support - Fail


  • Vaccines - Fail


  • Bushfire Response - Fail


  • Bushfire Relief for Victims - Fail


  • Flood Response - Fail


  • Flood Relief and Support - Fail


  • Women’s Issues - Fail


  • NBN - Fail


  • Hospital Funding - Fail


  • Public School Funding - Fail


  • Submarines - Fail


  • International Relations - Fail


  • Pacific Engagement - Fail


  • National Security - Fail


  • Morale in Defence Forces - Fail


  • Truth and Transparency - Fail


  • Cutting Government Waste - Fail


  • Plan to Reduce Government Debt - Fail


  • Equity in Spending - Fail


  • Fairness in Job Keeper - Fail


  • Universities and TAFE - Fail


  • Wage Growth - Fail


  • Gender Pay Gap - Fail


  • Affordable Child Care - Fail


  • Cost of Living - Fail


  • Housing Affordability - Fail


  • Medicare - Fail


  • Taking Responsibility - Fail


  • Government Accountability - Fail


  • Governing for all Australians - Fail


  • Plan for the Future – Fail


The Morrison Government failures are breathtaking, lurching from one bungle to another, and reflecting a failure to think through the obvious consequences. But despite Morrison’s abject failure as a leader, and despite his government’s three years of rorting, Scott Morrison and the Liberals are desperate to get re-elected. They are so desperate that their shadow candidates, known as Clive Palmer’s UAP and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, will try and seduce you to vote for them -promising changes that would be impossible for them to deliver on.


Clive Palmer's UAP, which is campaigning under the freedom banner, will preference the Liberals ahead of Labor, as will One Nation. This is known from their ‘How to Votes’.


Both fringe parties are anti climate change, support the digging up and the burning of more fossil fuel – just like the NATs, they don’t give a rats for the environment and when voting in parliament always side with the Morrison Government.


Prior to the last election Clive Palmer spent more than $80 million on an advertising campaign that decidedly pushed the Morrison Government across the finish line in first place. How much he has spent this time?


So, ostensibly, a vote for the UAP and One Nation is a vote for the Liberals and a vote for more of the same.


And, let’s not forget, during the pandemic Scott Morrison cut Medicare. Fees for life-changing surgeries rose, and deep cuts were made to vital telehealth services. And he cut access to GPs in hundreds of communities in our outer suburbs and regional towns, including the Central Coast, making it even harder for people to see a GP.


From the bushfires to the bungled vaccine rollout and not securing enough rapid tests, Morrison’s mistakes have held Australians back. Why? Because he doesn’t give a rats!

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