More needs to be done

to solve highway flooding

For years Central Coast Highway West Gosford has been under water during heavy rain, a cost too high for Coasties who are fed up with the “solutions” that have not worked and NSW Government’s lack of interest in the major road.

Flooding on Central Coast Highway at West Gosford.

1 March 2022


MEMBER for Gosford Liesl Tesch is calling on the NSW Liberal Government to urgently invest in sufficient drainage on Central Coast Highway.


“Last Wednesday as Coasties struggled to get their kids to school, paramedics were delayed in getting their patients to hospital, and workers experienced the huge road block on their way to work, I put forward a Notice of Motion in NSW Parliament calling on the Perrottet Government to invest in improving drainage infrastructure,” said Liesl Tesch.


“We know the Central Coast Highway connects the Central Coast to hospitals, schools, businesses and even to Sydney. Every day over 70,000 motorists use Central Coast Highway. It’s not hard to find out that the flooding on Tuesday impacted thousands of people,” she said.


In 2015 the NSW Liberal Government upgraded the intersection, which was supposed to alleviate the drainage issues but instead it has only made the drainage worse.


The poor planning of the NSW Liberal Government left individuals like 18-year-old Jasmin Fairweather from Springfield stuck in the flood waters and in a terrifying situation.


Jasmin was on her way to her first day at Macquarie University when she was suddenly stuck in floodwaters through no fault of her own.


“I was sitting at the lights at that intersection and by the time the lights had turned green my car was already stuck. The water had just come up so fast. There was no possibility for me to turn around because there were cars behind me,” Jasmine said.


“I was quite emotional and terrified. The water was rising in my car and the big cars and trucks who were driving through were pushing me further into the water. The fire brigade had to come and get me out.


“Because it was my first day at university and I am doing a double degree of communications and law I was already stressed. The trauma from that day was really bad and it is still with me. It’s making me fall behind and I’ve only just started.


“My car was written off so now I do not have a mode of transport. I live in a granny flat and I am struggling to get my groceries, go to work and now for uni I am going to have to rely on public transport, which was already down anyway.


“My car was not insured because it was expensive to insure it. But although I did not have insurance it was not my fault. It was the result of the water rising so fast and poor planning by the Government.


“If I could tell the Government one thing it would be to provide compensation in situations like this, not only for houses but also cars. It is not our fault and we should not have to fork out thousands of dollars for an intersection the government is responsible for.”


Ms Tesch says the Central Coast community is paying the price for the Government inaction.


“It’s people like Jasmin who are having to face the consequences of the neglect to the issues that persist and have been present for years at Central Coast Highway, West Gosford,” said Liesl Tesch.


“We’re setting Coasties up for failure who are trying to get ahead and leaving them with indescribable trauma.


“The ignorant behaviour needs to stop and actual solutions need to be given. Coasties can’t keep footing the bill for the NSW Liberal Government’s mistakes.”


Although Coasties would feel for the plight of Jasmine, it is still irresponsible for anyone to drive a car without insurance. If you were involved in a car accident and it was your fault, you would be required to pay for the damages to the other persons vehicle. If you can’t afford insurance, even if it’s only damage to someone else’s property, you shouldn’t be allowed to own a car and drive it on the road. It’s that simple.

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