Council vegetation maintenance is vandalism

Member for The Entrance, David Mehan, is asking Council to halt further ‘maintenance’ of vegetation along Wyong Road, which has resulted in the complete removal of all vegetation. Mr Mehan has likened these supposed ‘works’ to vandalism and an eye-sore.

David Mehan - Median strip near Long Jetty Hospital.

6 May 2022


ON 29 April Council advised it would be conducting ‘vegetation maintenance works’ at night on Wyong Road from 1 May to 3 June advising:


“Works include the pruning, hedging, weeding, spraying, mulching and rubbish removal on centre medians and roundabouts along Wyong Road.”


Instead, Council have simply slashed and removed all vegetation from the median in work undertaken over this week.


Similar works undertaken by Council on Wyong Road near the Mingara Club last year have seen landscape vegetation replaced by weed.


Mr. Mehan referred to concerns he raised last year when he asked Council to halt further cleaning of landscaped medians on main roads across The Entrance electorate.


“Wyong Road was a feature of our region with its landscaped median, which was well maintained by the former Wyong Shire Council," Mr. Mehan said.


"It’s a huge disappointment for my community, which is being asked to pay higher rates for a reduced service level under the amalgamated Council.


“If Council can’t do the job properly it should not do it at all and stop wasting our money on vandalising our region.”


David Mehan has written to Council to request clearing stops and notified iPART of the waste of ratepayer monies.

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