Madder than a box of frogs

There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin is as ‘Mad as a box of frogs’, as this despotic crackpot invades Ukraine, in the shadow of the twentieth-century’s most cruel and demonising lunatic Adolf Hitler, in what can only be described as another blitzkrieg. Except, unlike Adolf Hitler, Putin, who in using the same tactics, forgot to take into account that modern-day warfare includes missiles.


Like all maniacal and tyrannical dictators, Vladimir Putin’s narcissistic personality leaves him devoid of moral fibre and empathy for the suffering he inflicts upon other people. Now seen by most people as nothing more than a warmonger, and the accidental dog excrement sometimes scraped off the bottom of a shoe, he has become a blight on the human race that will in time be burned into the pages of history. Infamy at what cost? But now the cracks are beginning to show in Putin's war machine as his troops lose the heart to fight and he struggles to maintain his supply lines.


And what of the Central Coast? Just like everywhere else - rising petrol prices, rising cost of living and people in fear everywhere of what the future may now bring, all because of the insane collusions of a madman. Australian-Ukrainian Paul Sowiak, who lives on the Central Coast, shares with Grapevine readers his views on Putin's war.

18 March 2022



THE Russian war on Ukraine will not stop while ever Vladimir Putin can supply his military lines and may well be the beginning of World War III. His invasion of Ukraine has uncanny similarities to the military attack on Czechoslovakia by Adolf Hitler at the beginning of WWII.


Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine in nothing less than a criminal attempt to demonstrate his power and to try and reunite the USSR states like Belarus and Chechnya. Putin wants the Russian Slavic Nations, “The Kievan Rus’ - Russia, Belarus and Ukraine - to once again unite, stripping away their democratic freedom to become communist countries. But Putin has underestimated the Ukrainian people’s determination to fight and retain their freedom -  Ukrainian DNA historically comes from the Mongol and Cossacks – they are fighters and hot headed and quick tempered, an inheritance from the Viking blood that courses through their veins.


The Ukraine was previously a suppressed nation with a history of occupation: Lithuania, Poland, the Russian Empire, Hapsburg-Austrian Empire and, as a result of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Ukraine Socialistic  Bolshevik red army (SSR)  established control in 1919. After WWII the Ukraine was repatriated to Russia by America and Europe and the Ukrainian SSR became a founding member of the United Nations.


When the Berlin wall and the east-west border across Europe came down in 1991, and the USSR was dissolved, the Ukraine became an independent sovereign country. But the autocratic lunatic now in charge of Russia has his sights set on a new United Soviet Socialist Republic. Putin’s military took control of Crimea and the war in Donetsk and Luhansk began, culminating on the full-scale military attack on the Ukraine and its 53-million people.


Why is the Ukraine important to Putin?


Ukraine is renowned for its food belt, supplying 30% of the world’s gain: wheat and corn and 80% of the global supply of sunflower. And let’s not forget the oil supply pipeline to Europe and the Black Sea ports that don’t freeze over in winter.


Ukrainian history was that of a people who were used to serfdom, with uneducated peasant farmers who were trying to scratch a living from the soil, a struggle that still exists in many parts of the country today. But times are changing through education and a knowledgeable western world offering their help, producing a stronger people, and a determined army, making the country more difficult to conquer in the twenty-first century.


Putin has underestimated the fortitude of the Ukrainian people; they are not prepared to again suffer the machinations of Russia’s ‘Hammer and Sickle’ – they will fight to the death to maintain their independence, because they have nothing to lose.


The invasion of Ukraine has long been planned by Putin, by moving tens of thousands of families into Russia to dilute their origin of birth, solidity and nationalism that come from someone’s homeland and moving Russian families back into the Ukraine to promote internal fighting and unrest. This was the beginning of Putin’s war!


A Ukrainian man in his sixties said “I was born here in Ukraine and I’m prepared to die here than go back to Russian communist control.”


"If Russia wins the war and I stay in Ukraine and I fight and do not die I will be placed in a concentration camp in Golick Siberia where I will die as a political prisoner. So, I have no choice but to fight for freedom until death,” he said.


In 2014 the world should have said NO when Putin invaded Crimea but it didn’t. Now, except for sanctions against Russian and the supply of some weapons, there is no other support from the western world. Yet, when Ukraine agreed to surrender its nuclear arsenal, the western European nations and NATO promised support if Putin launched an invasion. They haven’t stepped up because of the fear of the conflict escalating into WW111.


Putin’s despotic plan is a test for the ethos of democracy – to build power and strength against waring bullies and power brokers like Putin (Russia), Kim Jong-un (North Korea) and Xi Jinping (China), who seek to rule the world while “good men sit by and watch”.


What can you do?


  • In you are an Australian Ukrainian, keep in contact with your relatives in Ukraine to give them moral support;


  • Write to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Defence Minister Peter Dutton asking for more funded military equipment aid to the Ukraine.


  • Write to the  Prime Minister to issue more visas to Ukraine refuges to live in Australia;


  • Write to the  Prime Minister to give a subsidy to our resource industry to sever the dependency of Russian goods in Europe;


  • Write to the Prime Minister to STOP all importation of Russia Goods and Services;


  • Only donate small amounts of money to Ukraine Appeals and only to genuine charities (registered in Australia with an ABN) and be aware of confidence tricksters; and


  • If you have Russia friends send them via email copies of news of the war in Ukraine and how Russia is killing and treating civilians and children. Most Russians are not aware of Putin’s war crimes.

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