Jacqui Lambie calls out

anti-vax sympathising MPs

It was classic Jacqui Lambie, all fired up and furious in parliament on Monday when she called out anti-vax sympathising MPs in attempting holding the country to ransom. Self-appointed leader of the upper house dissenters was anti climate change rebel Matt Canavan – no surprises there – who was hellbent on supporting Pauline Hanson’s anti-vaccination mandate bill.

Be "a god-damn bloody adult." Jacqui Lambie takes on One Nation over vaccine mandates.

23 November 2021



NOT a thought for taking prisoners, Jacqui Lambie has doubled down on her criticism of Pauline Hanson, after her fiery speech in the Senate against the One Nation senator's anti-vaccination mandate bill.


Senator Lambie attacked Ms Hanson's bill on Monday, saying the One Nation leader's campaign against mandatory vaccinations instilled fear in people to 'make money'. She accused Pauline Hanson of “using people's fear” to gain popularity ahead of next year's election.


“Politicians like Senator Hanson and Senator Roberts are using people's fear to boost their own election campaigns and they're using fear to make money,” Senator Lambie said in her impassioned speech.


“It's all power it's all about cash and it's all about seats.


“Being held accountable for your actions isn't called discrimination, it's called being a god-damn bloody adult. It's putting others before yourself and that's what this country is supposed to be about.”


Matt Canavan fired off a shot saying “No government in this free country that I was born in has the right to take away people's right to work and provide for their family.”


Senator Lambie wasn’t fazed by the rebel National Party MP and said that state premiers introduced vaccine mandates because they “don't want to be playing Russian roulette with other people's lives” and described One Nation as the “enemy of health workers and officials who would have to clean up after the outbreak.”


“I will not play Russian Roulette with people’s lives, I'm just not into that,” Senator Lambie said.


“If Pauline Hanson wants to do that, she can cope with that on her conscience.”


Ms Lambie said that business owners in her constituency could not afford to shut again.


“Those deep cleans cost thousands of dollars,” she said.


“The tourism industry, the hotels and motels, they are really paying the price for this.


“They cannot afford to shut again, many of them are hanging on by a thread. They just need to get back to normal business, they can't afford to have their staff off who may be sick or anything else.”


Jacqui Lambie accused Pauline Hanson of “using people's fear” to gain popularity ahead of next year's election.


The 50-year-old former soldier said it was important to ask questions about the vaccine but urged anti-vaxxers to consider vulnerable people when making their decisions.


“You have a right to choose, you don't have a right to put vulnerable people's lives at risk. You don't have that right. And so, you shouldn't have,” she said.


“You don't have the right to go into an aged care home unvaccinated and risk starting a Covid outbreak for the elderly.


“Nobody has the right to make someone else's life less safe. That's not what freedoms mean.


“You have the freedom to make your own choices. Everyone else has the freedom to respond to your choices. And you don't get to control that no matter how much you might want to.”


Senator Lambie also backed businesses to impose vaccine mandates on their customers, saying she knows business owners who have auto-immune diseases who would be “risking their lives or shutting down their businesses” if mandates were banned.


“We should be celebrating vaccinated Australians. You are fighting for our freedoms to take control of our lives again,” she said.


“That's what you're doing and good on you. You are the best we have.”


So, there you have it, the whole debate was forced by rebel MP’s who want the Prime Minister to order states to scrap vaccine mandates.


And, as if, Scott Morrison doesn’t have enough problems at present, again being caught out lying.


No doubt the opposition is revealing in the mayhem, enjoying Jacqui Lambie’s truth.


“She just speaks from the heart,” Shadow Minister for Government Services, Bill Shorten said.


Pauline Hanson’s bill was defeated in the Senate despite the support of five government senators who crossed the floor to support it.


If successful, the bill would have removed mandatory vaccination even for those who work in aged care.


Senator Hanson - who is unvaccinated - wanted the Federal Government to over-ride the states and ban all mandatory vaccination.

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