Harsher lockdown and less income support - where is the Member for Robertson?

Central Coast based Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill has raised serious concerns that new retail and construction restrictions announced over the weekend are not matched with adequate income support or access to vaccines.

What about JobKeeper for the Central Coast?

20 July 2021


“A YEAR on, how can we be in a worse position regarding this virus – harsher lockdowns but less income support? It makes no sense”, Senator O’Neill said.

“What is the member for Robertson doing to make sure affected workers and small businesses are ok? Where is she?

“We've got retail closed down, construction ‘paused’ - whatever that means, half the Australian economy is in shutdown, there’s insufficient support and half the Australian workforce still don’t know when they're going to be able to get their first vaccination, it's simply not good enough.

“Lucy Wicks keeps saying that her Government is supporting everyone but that’s simply not true.

“Scomo and Lucy cut JobKeeper too soon. It’s as simple as that. The piecemeal offering from them last week way too late for NSW and doesn’t cut it. It’s better than nothing but the fact is, it doesn’t come close to what is required”, Senator O’Neill said.

“Workers and small businesses on the Coast need something like JobKeeper which would maintain the link between employer and employee, and not push people into poverty and leave them behind. The government keep telling everyone they’re helping and that they care but the gaps in people’s lives and livelihoods are opening up.


“Talk is cheap and that’s all we’ve got from Lucy Wicks. We’ve got a community in crisis with not enough vaccines for people who need them and a massive collapse of our local economy - including tradies and construction and all she is doing is writing petitions to her own government. This is a Morrison/Wicks Government failure on a massive and unforgivable scale, and she is nowhere to be found.


“Hour 1 of Day 1 of lockdown - people start losing work and money. That’s when the help has to kick in - not 3 weeks later. People in business, full time working people, students, part time employees, all these people are under the pump. Coasties don’t have savings to cover the lockdown costs from their own bank balance while the government shuts its own wallet and delays for weeks.


“We need more income support and vaccines, not just talk. Where is Lucy Wicks?”

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