NSW Government must release health advice

While the NSW Government continues to change its advice on the current lockdown situation, people have a feeling of mistrust in these decisions because the Government will not reveal health advice information. This mistrust has been further cemented because of the Government’s failure to act on a strict lockdown when the COVID Delta strain was first found in the community.

Glady Berejiklian must be forthright with the people of NSW and advise them daily details of the health advice upon which her government relies for its COVID lockdown decisions.

21 July 2021


THERE have been calls for the NSW Government to release the health advice it is relying on to make the recent string of major COVID-19 decisions, which affect the economic and social fabric of New South Wales. 
It is only fair that the Government releases the expert health advice they receive, and take the people of New South Wales into their confidence.
The Government is asking a lot of the people of New South Wales – who are responding and stepping up in a truly inspirational way, despite the fact that there have now seen six set of restrictions since the latest COVID-19 outbreak occurred three weeks ago. 
To get through this current crisis everyone must work together, and trust each other. The Government must release the health advice, communicate it simply, in multiple languages, and do so every single day.
This would enable the vast majority of the community to gain a better understanding as to why decisions such as this current lockdown are taken, and how they are important in protecting lives and livelihoods.
Following the health advice will get us through this lockdown, and it will be even more powerful if everyone in NSW can access it, and have a better understanding as to the rationale behind Government decisions that impact on their daily life.


The Government has no choice than to acquiesce to the community - trust in each other in this time of crisis is paramount.

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