Morrison’s flip-flopping and doublespeak

Scott Morrison’s pandering to extremists over Victorian protests, in what has been seen as an attempt to garner votes for the upcoming federal election, has had him labelled as a “weak leader”. The Prime Minister’s flip-flopping on issues, followed by his familiar double-speak and then blaming someone else has left voters disillusioned and doubting his creditability.

Senator Jackie Lambie has labelled Scott Morrison as incompetent, saying he's not a leader. She said "Australian people are looking at you, they’re sick of your lies."

25 November 2021



VICTORIAN Premier Daniel Andrews has accused Scott Morrison of double-speaking after the Prime Minister said he understood the frustrations underpinning the rally over the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.


Daniel Andrews said that his relationship with Morrison would be "a lot better when he stops double-speaking to extremists".


Andrews frustration was borne out of last week’s Melbourne rally, which saw protesters camping on the steps of Parliament opposing Victoria's pandemic laws showed and a car pulling wooden gallows for full effect.


Instead of condemning this sort of behavior outright, Scotty from Marketing, being an opportunist, seized on the moment to try and harvest votes. Just like COP26 in Glasgow and electric vehicles, Scotty ‘Never-Tell-A-Lie’ could not help himself – flip-flopping like an out-of-water fish, he ran with the frenzied school and then when challenged came the familiar plethora of excuses.


Morrison rejected allegations of dog whistling and said: "I'm not about chasing, through double-speak, the votes of extremists or their preferences. I will not do that. If others choose to do that, that is on them."


But when pressed on his sympathy for the protesters, Scott Morrison repeated his claim that Australians had had "a gutful" of being told what to do.


When Anthony Albanese again pressured Scott Morrison in Question Time in parliament yesterday as to whether he condoned protesters breaking the law, true to form Scotty danced around the truth, then deflected and blamed someone else. This time the blame was focused on Sally McManus, secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.


Finally, Morrison buckled and said: “I didn’t think there’s a problem with breaking it (the law), Mr Speaker.”


Morrison failed unequivocally to condemn the threats by extremists. The Prime Minister used far more forceful language during rallies over men's violence against women in March of this year. He stood up in parliament and spoke about March for Justice saying “it was lucky they were not met with bullets”.


So, why not speak up now with same force and display of integrity if he wasn’t chasing votes from extremists?


Has Scott Morrison created an environment where this sort of behavior is so apparent that he considers it to be acceptable?


The Prime Minister needs to explain to all Australians why it is that on his Facebook post he took out the criticism of the demonstrations. He needs to explain why he took out the criticism of the violent rhetoric that was there. Instead, Scotty from Marketing put up on his own post what was tantamount to spin about choice and about freedom, and how he understood that this was "difficult" for a range of people.


The Prime Minister had an opportunity to be unequivocal in his language and he chose not to do so. The Prime Minister had a chance to lead and show strength. Instead he showed weakness and opportunism.


When asked questions about what happened in Victoria, instead of strong and absolute condemnation, what did Scott Morrison do? He spoke about unvaccinated people being able to get a cup of coffee in Queensland.


And the Morrison chaos continues!


Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie this week unleashed on Scott Morrison, labelling him the worst prime minister on record.


Senator Lambie slammed the Prime Minister after the government voted down an attempt to have the Senate debate the establishment of a federal anti-corruption watchdog.


Lambie lashed out at the government’s “incompetence” in delivering the legislation, adding she looked forward to seeing them go down at the next election.


“I have to say you guys over there couldn’t run a chook raffle, let alone parliament,” she told the Senate on Tuesday.


“You’ve gone from one prime minister to another, this is the worst one on record.


“I’ve said it out there and I will continue to say it - he is incompetent, he is not a leader and I’m enjoying watching him and you fall apart.


“Australian people are looking at you, they’re sick of your lies,” she added.


“You’re finished in the next election, you’re gone.”


The government has yet to release its proposed legislation for an anti-corruption commission despite promising to do so before an election due in the first half of 2022.


Greens senator Larissa Waters claimed the government didn’t want a watchdog with teeth because it would put half of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet under investigation.


“The prime minister couldn’t lie straight in bed,” she told the Senate.


And the Morrison bedlam and lies gets better, kicking up a notch!


Scott Morrison, now aka Pinocchio Man, ducked a direct question about why he called a former Labor senator “Shanghai Sam” 17 times before denying he’d ever used that term.


The prime minister declared he was unaware of “the claim” Labor referred to, and did not intend to take statements in the question “at face value”. Yet he told 2GB radio host Ben Fordham: “Of course I remember saying Shanghai Sam”.


As the Morrison madness and election top spins faster, it is evident that people are sick of Scotty’s lies and the chaos he causes.


Wages are going backwards, while petrol prices, childcare, and rents are all going up.


What Scott Morrison doesn’t understand, or just downright refuses to accept, is that Australians are really worried about how they are going to make ends meet.


Instead of being able to look toward a Prime Minister that is in tune with their concerns, trying to make their lives a bit easier – they’ve got someone who wants to divide them and cause chaos.


And amidst all the flip-flopping and the double-speak, Scotty is still hellbent on wanting to change the voting laws at the next federal election, where you'll have to show voter ID. Why?


For 120 years Australians have gone along to the polling booth – you name was crossed off, you received a ballot paper, and then you’d go and exercise your democratic right to vote.


A record number of Australians are now enrolled to vote at the next federal election.


Enrolment this week surpassing 17 million or around 96 per cent.

This record enrolment rate – expanding voting rights to more Australians than ever before – is the result of the hard work of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and reforms under previous Labor Governments, including automatic direct enrolment.


While the AEC is working to ensure every Australian can easily exercise their right to vote at the upcoming election, Scott Morrison is furiously trying to make it harder.


We have a Prime Minister who wants to change the status quo, claiming that there is a problem with voter fraud. Another lie? More self-serving spin? Morrison his desperate to secure another three years in the top job.


So, why is Scott Morrison deliberately attempting to undermine confidence in Australia’s robust electoral processes?


Australians have never had to previously show ID when voting, yet the reason the government says it's doing this is in order to deal with voter fraud. But in evidence that the Australian Electoral Commission gave earlier this month in Estimates, they said that voter fraud is "vanishingly small" in this country. So, if voter fraud is vanishingly small, why, for the first time, are 17 million people going to be required to produce some form of identity in order to vote?


And why would you require people to produce ID in order to vote in the middle of a pandemic?


And will Scotty relax the health rules when people do go to vote? Unlikely, it might work against him.


When people vote at the upcoming federal election, social distancing rules will no doubt still apply, and you'll still probably have to QR code and wear a mask. And in some states, you may also be required to show your vaccination status.


Why would you want to lengthen the amount of time that people have to spend at the polling booth?


In the United States, these sorts of laws are designed to suppress votes.


For a very small perceived problem, the Morrison-Joyce Government is going to deny a whole lot of Australians an opportunity to vote.


There is no need to add an additional layer of legal requirements before Australians come to vote.


Australia doesn’t have a problem with voter fraud, yet the Morrison-Joyce Government have based their argument that there is an overwhelming incidence of voter fraud. This is absolutely untrue.


Instead of making it harder for Australians to vote, Scott Morrison should focus on areas where there is still room for improvement.


Scott Morrison’s agenda is for Scott Morrison, not Australia.


Just like when Australians were told that they were at the head of the Covid-19 vaccine que, just like when they were told the government had a sustainable answer to climate change and just like Morrison’s flip-flop on electric cars, when he denied that he said they would end the weekend, just like the lie over the text message sent to Anthony Albanese that he was holidaying in Hawaii, amid the Black Summer bushfires, Scott Morrison has difficulty with the truth.


A change in voting laws may well provide a decisive advantage to Scotty and the boys when it’s down to the wire at election time, but it certainly won’t advantage everyday Australians.


Senator Jacki Lambie hit the nail-on-the-head in her assessment of Scott Morrison, “Australian people… they’re sick of your lies.”

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