Morrison Government allows

far-right troll into Australia

Scott Morrison’s border security controls have again been exposed following his Liberal Government’s decision to allow a far-right troll into Australia, who is now boasting about her efforts to breach hotel quarantine rules.

19 July 2021


BRITISH citizen Katie Hopkins was permanently banned from Twitter in June 2020 for repeatedly breaching the company’s hateful conduct policy. Yet, despite Twitter’s decision to keep its platform safe, Mr Morrison has rolled-out the red carpet for Ms Hopkins providing her with a visa and a border exemption.


Documents released under Freedom of Information demonstrate that Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews was advised about her visa refusal powers to protect the Australian community by addressing ‘community safety risks that may be posed by non-citizens’. Yet she allowed right-wing troll Katie Hopkins to come here, despite specific advice going to her powers in relation to ‘controversial visitors’ - people who ‘could pose a risk of vilifying, inciting discord… who have a record of encouraging disregard for law and order’.


So, it’s all well and good for Minister Andrews to say Katie Hopkins’ behaviour in quarantine is despicable - which it is. But, why did the Liberals let Ms Hopkins into Australia in the first place? Ms Hopkins is notorious for having called Islam disgusting, migrants “cockroaches” and called for a “final solution”.

Ms Hopkins should never have been given a visa and a border exemption from the Morrison government - especially while so many Australians are stranded overseas, yet Scott Morrison

And it’s insulting that Minister Andrews pretends that this is the fault of the NSW Government.

What sort of Minister for Home Affairs would seek to hide behind a state for what is the most fundamental responsibility of national government? 

Now that Ms Hopkins is in Australia, she has begun broadcasting from what she described as “VIP quarantine”, and has explained how she is opening up her hotel door naked and without a face mask in a deliberate attempt to breach hotel quarantine rules.

This is grossly disrespectful to frontline workers who are only trying to keep us safe.

We already know Mr Morrison’s hotel quarantine system is leaky and has failed 26 times, leading to millions of Australians being forced into lockdown after lockdown.

The decision by Mr Morrison’s Government to allow Ms Hopkins into the country is particularly painful for the 35,000 Australians who remain stranded overseas, including Australian children trapped in India without their parents.

Ms Hopkins was also detained in March 2018 in South Africa for allegedly spreading racial hatred.

Ms Hopkins should have never been allowed into the country, and now that Ms Hopkins is openly breaching quarantine restrictions Mr Morrison must take responsibility for his failure.

No doubt, Mr Morison will try to use weasel words and continue to blame New South Wales for Ms Hopkins’ conduct. Well, that just doesn’t pass the pub test.

Mr Morrison doesn’t hold a hose, won’t pick up the phone, and has abandoned stranded Australians as he lets far right trolls into the country, undermining our response to the pandemic and our social cohesion.

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