Failing to deliver to NSW and the nation

As Covid numbers jump off the scale in Sydney, and the Central Coast records 100 positive Covid cases as of 8pm Saturday nigh, there are now alarming numbers of positive Covid cases being documented in Western and Far West NSW.

6 September 2021


THE Deputy Premier is now talking about the need to fly people to Sydney hospitals, which are already struggling. Yet the Berejiklian Government still has not outlined the plan for local hospital capacities servicing remote and regional communities out west.


Apart from the State Government completely stuffing up the remote areas vaccine rollout, as previously reported by the Grapevine last Friday, they have failed the Central Coast too. The story, which detailed the Berejiklian Government's vaccine failure rates for the Central Coast, raised comment from one of our readers.


Central Coast resident Andrew Smith said, on the Grapevine Facebook page, that “the Central Coast is in the top 37% of NSW LGA’s for vaccination rates and NSW is on average ahead of the other states, so your post is inaccurate.


It would appear that Mr Smith has misunderstood the context of the story.


The story was not about whether the Central Coast was in the top 37% of NSW LGA's for vaccination rates. What we said in the opening paragraph was “With less than two weeks until further freedoms will be offered to those fully vaccinated, less than half of Central Coast residents have received their second dose." The story then went on to provide the NSW Health Department's own statistics confirming the Government's failure on the Central Coast to meet the target to allow those extra freedoms.


And, according to the Federal Government’s website, only 35.5 per cent of Central Coast residents have received their second dose. Our reporting in the story was correct.


And what about Morrison Government's commitment to First Nation people?


Last Friday’s, estimates revealed that the Federal Government will rollout a vaccination effort to 30 Aboriginal communities around the nation – a month after the Indigenous COVID crisis began – too little, too late.


This is an admission that the Government completely stuffed up the First Nations vaccine rollout – a group they said would be a priority – and who are now lagging behind.


The Government now also needs to turn its mind to the way forward – we still have critically low vaccination rates in these communities around the country.


Is the Government considering higher vaccination targets for First Nation's communities? And what is the modelling of transmission in First Nation's communities when this virus moves beyond Western NSW?


What’s happening in NSW could happen anywhere in the country because of this Prime Minister’s vaccine rollout failures.


The Morrison Government has failed the people of Australia, because Scott Morrison didn't believe vaccination was a race. It was a race - a race for our lives.

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Central Coast NSW

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