Failing the pub test:

It's not my job, mate!

During Scott Morrison’s time as our national leader can you actually remember when he has ever taken responsibility for anything? Net Zero Scotty hasn’t ever taken responsibility for any of his failed decisions and he covers up for his ministers. Why? Because he can’t afford the tipping of the scales from a by-election.

As a leader, there is no no doubt that Scott Morrison has failed the 'pub test'. He goes missing in action, he's been caught out lying, he never takes responsibility and he always blames someone else.

24 November 2021



HERE is no doubt that The Australian community realise that Scott Morrison has become a Prime Minister known for abdicating responsibility, on any issue. The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic - “that’s a matter for state premiers”, the 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires - “I don’t hold a hose mate” and now the botched submarine deal with France - ‘It’s important that we just move on’.


A fair assessment of Scott Morrison’s character would be to say that he is all talk and no responsibility. A Prime Minister who is of the view that, “it’s not my job mate”. Well Mr Morrison, you are the Prime Minister, so, it is your job.


As popularised by former US President Harry S Truman, and emblazoned on a plague sitting on his desk, were these prophetic words: “The Buck Stops Here”.  But with Teflon Scotty the buck slips between his fingers, with excuse after excuse.


The way Scott Morrison conducts himself as the Prime Minister of Australia is not something Australians, on either side of politics, have ever witnessed. It is a damning indictment on his Government.


Scott Morrison’s inability to take responsibility and tell the truth is fast becoming an election issue.


Australian communities have been pushed to the brink during the pandemic. Most Australians have felt particularly vulnerable during this time due to job insecurity, lockdowns and an inability to connect with family members, price squeezing and now COVID-19 fatigue.


Ultimately, people are crying out for leadership. They want to know that their Prime Minister is in control and can lead their country back to normality.


When they see Scott Morrison at a press conference blaming state premiers and not taking responsibility, this lack of leadership seriously affects people’s spirit to defeat the virus and retake our country back.


There is no doubt that most Australians think that Scotty ‘Never-Tell-A-Lie’ is failing at a local level as well a national level and will continue to do so.


And, yet again, the country sees lack of leadership as Scott Morrison is missing in action in driving PCR or Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test requirements across the country.


A key part of the national plan is making sure there is effective Covid testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine measures in place.


Strong testing is key as state borders open up.

 Australians are crying out for certainty, yet the Prime Minister is pretending this is all someone else’s responsibility.


And what of the disaster fund, which still remains unused? Aussies are doing their part to prepare for disaster season, but the Morrison Government is not doing theirs.


With the disaster season underway, Scott Morrison has still not spent a cent from his $4.7 billion Emergency Response Fund (ERF), two and a half years after it was announced. The ERF has proven to be the government’s own cash cow, earning $726 million dollars in interest.


This fund can spend up to $200 million a year for disaster recovery and resilience measures and could have been used to build cyclone shelters, evacuation centres, fire breaks and flood levees right across Australia.


But we now start the third disaster season since the fund was announced, with not one project even commenced, let alone completed.


Two years ago, Scott Morrison ignored the warnings and the Black Summer bushfires devastated much of the country.


Just like everything else Scott Morrison failed to act, putting Australians at risk. With Scott Morrison it’s always too little, too late.


Scott Morrison lacks what every recent Prime Minister has had — an imagination.


Every prime minister for decades has had a capacity to envisage, to dream and to plan for a brighter future for Australia. Until now.


Scott Morrison is, famously, “transactional” in his approach to politics. He once waved away a request from then-senator Nick Xenophon to meet for coffee because he was “purely transactional”; the meeting had to be about something specific and include some kind of deal.


The word “transactional” comes freighted with meaning. Not merely does it suggest this is a man above the idea of building relationships with key players, who is uninterested in forming an ongoing capacity to work with someone over more than one piece of legislation, one amendment, one spending proposal, but a man uninterested in building trust.


It is now clear, there is no trust when it comes to Scotty ‘Never-Tell-A-Lie’ Morrison. Not even in his transactions: just ask French President Emmanuel Macron. Morrison will lie and break his word without a second’s hesitation. If he is “transactional”, then caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Count your fingers after you shake on the deal.


Photo-opp Scotty is always there for the announcement, but you can guarantee he won’t be there for the opening of the envelope. He will have disappeared to hold the attention of another camera as he breaks ground with yet another shovel.


Being prime minister of Australia entails a three-step process: having an idea of what kind of country you want Australia to be; understanding what will change the status quo to create that; knowing what steps will deliver those changes. Imagination is required for all three, but especially the first — a capacity to envisage a different country that becomes the broad purpose of a leader.


Every prime minister of recent decades has had that vision, however skewed and bizarre that vision may have been, or however little they had the chance to implement it.


However, the contrast with Morrison is stark.


Not merely is there a lack of vision, there’s no imagination that could create a vision. His “vision” speeches are recitations of banality: “If you have a go, you get a go", and “We look after our mates". In his most insightful speech about his personal ideology — delivered to a gathering of fellow evangelicals, and not distributed by his minders — Morrison revealed a profoundly confused, deeply self-contradictory set of beliefs, which bounced from communitarianism to individualism to identity politics to social media, overlaid with an obsessive focus on the Bible and a passion for “building communities”.


Morrison doesn’t even display the kind of animating fantasy world that his fellow noted liars, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, inhabit. To watch the Liar-in-Chief and the Prime Minister of Johnsonia in action is to watch freewheeling fabulists who will say anything and everything, usually to attack their opponents.


But like the character of Don Draper in Mad Men (TV Drama series, set in the 1960s, about an American advertising agency, when cigarettes were purported to be good for you), Scott Morrison’s highly calculated identity is starting to fall into a period of decline. Empty promises are now in vogue under his Government to the exclusion of positive outcomes for the community.


All Scotty cares about is to be re-elected, keep the top job and carry on with the same lack of vision as before.


Politics needs to return to being driven by outcomes instead of slick and sleazy marketing tricks that were made famous in advertising campaigns of years gone by. In the cold light of day governments and leaders should be judged on their record and their ability to lead in a crisis.


The Morrison-Joyce Government has failed on all counts.


Scott Morrison is a Prime Minister who doesn’t "hold a hose", who hasn’t been able to rollout the Covid vaccine on time, because he said "it wasn’t a race". He is a Prime Minister who failed to build purpose-built quarantine facilities and a Prime Minister who ignored the Royal Commission findings into the aged care sector. And now he is a Prime Minister who knows how to make a spreadsheet but can’t deliver on what the spreadsheet says, unless the colour coding markers indicate a safe or marginal seat.


So, Mr Morrison, what is your job? Australians would like to know.


Your job is not about slogan city: “Choices not mandates”, his current catch phase; “Building the future”; “Securing Australia’s recovery”; “It’s like that movie The Croods”; “I don’t accept the premise of your question”;  and followed by “Sorry folks, I’ve gotta go” – well Scotty, it’s about time that you did.


As a Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has failed the pub test.

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