Volunteers needed for emergency

radio communications network

The Mangrove Emergency Planning & Communications Committee have received a new grant to develop a volunteer-driven Community Emergency CB Radio Communications Network.

11 March 2022


THE past few years have been tough for the Central Coast, particularly for those living in the Mangrove Mountain district and surrounding areas who have been dealt blow after blow, experiencing, catastrophic bushfires, storms and floods.


Keith Aranjo, who is part of rolling out the radio network says the recent events have only added to the programs importance and is calling on volunteers to join the program.


“Even today with mobile phones you still lose service during a large bushfire, and that is why we need a radio communications network set up so that those cut off can relay and receive information,” said Mr. Aranjo.


“In order for the whole communications system to work however we need more volunteers across the rural areas of the Central Coast, mainly those living west of the M1 motorway as they have been mostly impacted by the large bushfires we have seen in the last couple of years.


“There has been an increase in bushfires, storms, and flooding, so it just means that people can feel more secure and get help when there is an emergency and find out what they need to know to protect them and their family.”


Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch is encouraging locals to volunteer for the initiative.


“Communication is vital during emergencies and unfortunately as Keith pointed out, it is often affected in emergencies. As we continue to face the challenges of climate change the need for consistent and reliable information will only grow,” said Ms. Tesch.


“It’s great to see locals being proactive and designing programs to have in place in another emergency.


“I am constantly in awe of the hard work and grit shown by our volunteers who are ensuring that in times of crisis, someone is always there and I really encourage those considering how they can help during disaster events to sign up for the team.


“I cannot stress enough how much of an impact this service makes—it is at times the difference between life and death. Despite cuts that recent Liberal governments have made to forestry and bushfire services, this funding will go some way in keeping locals safe.”


The Mangrove Emergency Planning & Communications Committee will be convening a meeting later this month to begin setting up and rolling out the network. If you wish to volunteer or find out more, please contact our Gosford Electorate Office by phone 4342 4122 or by email

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