Community benefits

from much-needed funding

Three recipients of community grants in Gosford electorate have received much-needed funds as part of the 2022 Community Building Partnership Program.

Liesl Tesch and staff from Narara Community Centre.

3 March 2023


THE Narara Community Centre has received almost $11,000, which aims to promote inclusion interaction between community, and will use the funds to fix draining and extend the outdoor paved area.


Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, says the funding will allow the centre to be more practical and accessible.


“It is fantastic to see the work that Community SOS do, and I am glad this funding can allow them to create a functional space for the kids to do hands on activities in the fresh air.


“The upgrade will make the centre more accessible and practical, creating a community hub for the area.”


Vivian Muraahi, CEO of Community SOS is thrilled at the funding, and will go a long way to ensuring a quality facility.


“The funding allows us to create a practical functional space for people that use the facility, especially the children.


“Our focus is on bringing the community together and providing a safe space. We can’t do that if we do not have adequate facilities.”


Ms Tesch commented on the significance of Community SOS to the community.


“Community SOS were the first non-Government Community organisation on the Central Coast. I am glad to see that after more than 50 years they are still serving the community."



Woy Woy South Public School has received over $11,000 to provide an outdoor area revamp of the school.


Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, joined staff, students, and P&C members to announce the funding.


“I thank the P&C for their work in receiving this funding and their efforts to ensure that school life is as good as it gets," said Ms Tesch.


“The revamp will bring new life to the area, making the playground safer for both students and staff. Now the students are able to do all the things that children do safely whether that be run, skip or hop.”


Sarah Stewart, President of the Woy Woy South P&C Association is delighted that the children will now be able to play in a safer environment.


“The upgrades will make the area safer, evening out the area and giving the concrete outside a fresh surface.


“If we didn’t receive the funding, the P&C would have to pay for it, so the grant frees up funding or other projects.”


Ms Tesch is pleased that the students will enjoy a rejuvenated playground.


“Evening out the outdoor area will help ensure that there no more scraped knees on the playground,” she said.



The third recipient, Central Coast Outrigger Canoe Club, eceived nearly $30,000 for a new ultra-light canoe.


Liesl Tesch said that she is looking forward to seeing the new carbon-fibre canoe out on the water.


“The canoe club has for 25 years connected locals to the spectacular waterways that we call home," she said.


“The funding will meet the needs of the growing members with a new Ultra-Light-OC6 canoe.”


Jennifer Norris, President of the Central Coast Outrigger Canoe Club is excited that the new canoe will allow the club to grow and continue to provide a range of different paddling experiences for members.


“With the wide range of ages and training needs at the club, the ultra-light canoe will cater for the diverse requirements of our non-competitive and competitive paddlers.


“The new canoe is a different style of racing canoe and will assist outriggers who may need a lighter canoe to get out in the water.


“The carbon-fibre material compared to the traditional fibreglass means that the canoe weighs 70kgs compared to the regular 130kg.”


Ms Tesch believes the funding will improve accessibility to the club for prospective and current members.


“The canoe opens more opportunities for the community to get involved,” she said.


“As someone who enjoys exploring the local waterways, any opportunity to attract new members is welcomed.”


Those who want to get involved are encouraged to email

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