Chasing the spinning tail

Has the Prime Minister gone barking bark from too much political spin? On Monday (15 November) Scott Morrison claimed he was the underdog and that’s how he believes he will operate into the next election – chasing his tail?

17 November 2021



SCOTT Morrison will say anything in order to spin his way out of the situation. And what about Scotty’s sidekick, the ever faithful Barnaby? He was seen at Singleton holding a doorstop alongside a coal train and screaming at it.


The phony election campaign that kicked off last week in the Hunter might have launched with a barking mad howl, but there is no doubt that it won’t be Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce chasing the foxes. The foxes will be chasing them as they wind up the hunted in this election.


Australians have already worked these two blokes out and the phony spin that just keeps on twirling. The best example of that is the lie that was exposed last week about electric vehicles.


Not that long ago Scott Morrison had said that electric vehicles are “crap” and “were going to end the weekend”. Then, last week, Scomo says, “Oh, they're the best thing since sliced bread. We want you all to have them”.


And even though there is video of Scott Morrison condemning electric vehicles, he is in denial when asked whether he criticised them.


The world heard what Malcolm Turnbull said about Scott Morrison – he has a reputation for lying. Scott Morrison does have a very difficult relationship with the truth, but he doesn't just lie, he lies about lying.


Whether it's world leaders or whether it's state premiers, the Prime Minister sees everyone as a political opponent. He is not a Prime Minister who builds consensus, who brings people along with him, and actually leads the country. During the Black Summer bushfires he turned on the NSW Government and over the past 18 months of the COVID pandemic he has turned on the state premiers. Scott Morrison isn't a person who brings along people with him. This is a Prime Minister who just likes going out there and picking a fight.


The Australian people are sick and tired of Scott Morrison’s spin, they’re sick and tired of his version of the truth and they are sick and tired of his self-serving political antics. Australians have realized that Scotty is full of it. This is not what the nation wants or needs in a prime minister.


So, whatever Morrison now says, whether it's on coal mining in the Hunter, or whether it's on housing in regional Tasmania, Australians know they can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.


To add extra icing to the cake, we have Morrison’s performance in Glasgow at COP26, with many people now rating Australia, because of it, as COP-OUT26. Yet the Morrison Government ambitiously claims the 2030 target has been fixed. It’s a pity that nobody told Barnaby Joyce about this.


Barnaby was barking mad, shouting incoherently that the Nationals didn’t sign up for it, however, the executive government certainly did.


Clearly the Nationals are not in favour of any type of sensible approach to climate policy. Bursts of illogical shouting from Natman, aka Barnaby, sums up the past eight years of the Nationals shambolic inaction on climate change and cleaner and cheaper energy.


Barnaby Joyce shouting at trains and shouting at ships in the harbour is not going to get our emissions down, it's not going to get our cost of energy down, and it's not going to build a meaningful future for the regions.


The antics of the Coalition have become an embarrassment for every Australian knowing that the country has a government who signs an international agreement and within hours says it has no intention of keeping to it.


The absolute madness that reigns in the Morrison-Joyce Government on climate change, energy, and a whole range of other facets of so-called governance, has the world wondering if we are the ‘Great Circus Downunder’. When you have a government who, after eight years, produces a pamphlet as climate policy you know there is no plan – so does the rest of the world.


When you have a government who, during the past eight years, can’t make up their mind on energy, and have come up with almost two dozen different energy policies, the nation knows that they are being conned.


The Morrison-Joyce Government pretend that they care about climate change on the eve of an election, but, in reality, they have spent much of their time in office as obstacles to climate change action.


Australians deserve much better than the Morrison-Joyce ‘barking mad’ circus. They need and deserve something meaningful on climate change, which gets their energy costs down, and takes advantage of the jobs and opportunities that come with embracing renewables.


So, as the electioneering begins the Morrison camp is spending taxpayer’s money to promote themselves. But that's the problem with this Government, they see taxpayers' money as being the same as Liberal Party money. Whether it is for advertising, using the same agencies that they happen to use during election campaigns, or whether it was the sports rorts fiasco, commuter car parks where train stations don't exist, and paying $30 million for land around Badgerys Creek that's worth $3 million, the Morrison-Joyce Government has been embroiled in scandal after scandal. Now they think that it is okay to use taxpayers' money for blatant political advertising; it’s contempt for all Australians.


The Morrison-Joyce Government is a government in utter disarray, led by an ad man who is great with a slogan, but not much with the follow through. Scott Morrison has cemented his role as the most untrustworthy and unbelievable Prime Minister in Australia's history, yet he still believes that he is the underdog.


And, while the political fiasco of the government continues, chasing the spinning tail, where is the Central Coast’s Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks? Does she still believe her job is to “support my government”?


Lucy Wicks has failed to publicly condemn the ‘Cashless Debit Card’ and standup for age pensioners on the Central Coast; she has failed to publicly condemn her government’s black-flip on the COP26 agreement; and she continues to support ‘her government’ by voting in favour of changes that adversely impact on ‘Coasties’, including the stripping of the NDIS scheme. So, Lucy, what and who do you stand for? The Coast needs you to go on the record!

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