Botched vaccine rollout fails the Central Coast

On Saturday, 31 July, NSW Health cancelled Pfizer vaccination appointments at the local Belmont, Wyong and Gosford Hubs.

2 August 2021


MANY residents awaiting their first Pfizer vaccination in the coming weeks received a cancellation text message explaining that due to a shortage of supply of the Pfizer vaccine that supplies in the Hunter and Central Coast needed to be redirected to Sydney to vaccinate Year 12 students in impacted hotspots.


This despite the Central Coast being subject to the current Health Orders and a new local case being announced as part of the 210 new cases of local transmission state-wide. These cancelations leave the Central Coast and the Hunter without sufficient vaccine supply during our states most significant COVID-19 outbreak.


The issue is only further compounded by the failure of the Berejiklian Government to make the AstraZeneca vaccine available at the Belmont hub until mid-August.


Coasties are angry that they are being treated like second-class citizens as the Berejiklian Government scrambles to get on top of its bad decisions.


One Central Coast resident Paul Phillips said, “I have just had both my Pfizer vaccination appointments cancelled. Why is a test for a 17-year old more important than my life. I have had my appointments booked for a long time


“The central coast is part of the greater Sydney for lockdown purposes but now they want to steal my Pfizer vaccine appointments. I am classed as regional Australia!


“I am very angry both my appointments have been cancelled.


“This is simply not good enough!”


Swansea MP Yasmin Catley said, “The community is extremely angry over these latest cancellations. Every day we see the Premier and Health Minister calling on the community to go and get vaccinated but they are consistently let down but Gladys Berejiklian and Scott Morrison’s ability to rollout the vaccine”


“The decision to cancel vaccination appointments does not align with the Government’s Get Vaccinated messaging”.


Wyong MP David Harris said, "Our Community has been doing the right thing locked down for weeks as part of Greater Sydney because we're told we're at risk? This just doesn’t make sense sending our supplies of Pfizer away."


The Entrance MP David Mehan said, “Labor MPs have been doing all we can to support the health response to this pandemic. However, cancelling vaccination bookings undermines our efforts and community solidarity.”


Gosford MP Liesl Tesch said, “This highlights the fact that the Liberal government is continuing to use the Central Coast as a buffer zone for Sydney - demanding we lock down, and then diminishing our access to vaccines - and we will continue to fight for our region’s autonomy and fair access to health resources for both our physical and mental well-being”.

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