Gladys Berejiklian goes into hiding

The Berejiklian Government ended their daily COVID-19 press conferences from today despite NSW recording the highest number of COVID-19 cases today.

13 September 2021


WHEN the Premier was asked last week if she was going into hiding her eyes were averted from the media’s prying gaze and then she stumbled with her words as she attempted to justify her decision. There was no doubt that Berejiklian’s decision was a clear abandonment of her duties and continues a concerning trend of poor transparency by the Berejiklian Government.


The people of NSW were turning to and tuning into the Premier day in and day out to get their daily news on the worsening pandemic. For the people of NSW the Premier’s updates are almost a lifeline, providing certainty of information and a little bit of hope in the darkest of times.


The other states have not abandoned their press conferences despite having significantly lower cases. Last year as Victoria continued through their lockdowns for months on end the Premier of Victoria did not abandon his duties, instead he got up every day, fronted the media and gave full and frank advice, something Berejiklian seems to have given up on.


The Central Coast’s covid cases continue to escalate with 76 new cases recorded in the region in the past 72 hours. These numbers indicate now is not the time to pull the press conferences.


Coasties are now experiencing the worst of the current outbreak and with recent press conferences flagging the Central Coast continues to be an area of concern, which is creating more unease in community now that our source of information has been stopped.


The community needs their questions answered, the information relayed efficiently and the Government to be responsible.


The Central Coast also experienced the first death linked to the current outbreak last week with a woman in her 50s passing at Gosford Hospital.


One death is one too many and with the Central Coast only becoming more impacted from COVID-19 in recent days there are concerns as cases rise that exposure sites are not being recorded quick enough.


Charlotte Te Puia, a former resident of the Central Coast and current resident in the Eastern Suburbs remarked on the deteriorating quality and relevance of statistics released in her area, warning the Central Coast to be extra vigilant.


“As cases in the Eastern Suburbs increase our exposure site identification is clearly lagging. I went to both a supermarket and pharmacy in my local area that weren’t mentioned by NSW Health as exposure sites, yet when I went to these places they had a notice up that it was an exposure site,” Charlotte Te Pula said.


“With the lag already happening on the Central Coast with identification of exposure sites it is so important the community remain extra vigilant.”


The Central Coast is already experiencing a lag of several days and in some instances over a week between exposure site identification being made known to the public.


This lag highlights the importance of the daily press conferences.


For weeks on end the Berejiklian Government’s daily press conferences have been what most people tuned in too for direct answers from the Premier, although at times she attempted to avoid the questions being asked by the media. To call an end to the conferences enables Berejiklian to avoid the transparency the media has been forcing on her. And with Berejiklian still refusing to allow NSW Parliament to sit, despite it clearly being a critical job in the middle of a pandemic, this recent move to cancel daily press conferences means she will get to escape accountability all together.


Coasties have been left in the dark along with the rest of the state from this recent announcement. The Central and the rest of the people from NSW deserve better from the Premier - they deserve better from her government.

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