An enduring legacy

The inaugural Toby Martin Award, an award that recognises the perseverance, courage and strength of young Toby Martin, who passed away following his battle with leukaemia, has been given to Archie Pulley.

Archie Pully - proud recipient of the Toby Martin Award.

3 June 2021


FROM the 22 May the Kincumber Avoca Cricket Club junior teams were in the running for the honourable Toby Martin Award,. Twelve-year-old Archie Pulley from Kincumber Avoca Cricket Club was given the absolute honour of being the first recipient of Toby Martin’s legacy.


Archie is described by his mother, Cherie Pulley as a quiet achiever.


“I think Archie goes on quietly and doesn’t make a lot of noise but I know they’ve seen him working hard, being a great team player and constantly supporting everyone.”


Toby Martin was an avid cricket supporter, even spending a day with the Australian Cricket Team, where he was described as having a smile that wouldn’t leave his face.


During his battle he continued to play cricket when his health allowed for it, and when he was unable to play he supported from the sidelines, encouraging his teammates.


Cherie Pulley says this award is a representation of Toby’s legacy.


“This is such an auspicious award and it is so much bigger than just that.”


“Grief and love are closely intertwined, side-by-side, showing us an unbreakable relationship – this is one of them.”


“Through grief we have the opportunity to acknowledge and see love and I am so proud my son is able to share this feeling.”


“For Archie, he has the opportunity to carry Toby’s incredible legacy, and he has to honour that and will uphold the qualities ingrained in Toby, as he naturally does.”


Liesl Tesch MP, Member for Gosford says Toby Martin’s legacy will always be on the Coast.


“This is a beautiful and meaningful award that makes us all hold each other a little closer and realise just how precious life is.”


“Toby’s values of strength, courage and perseverance are so important to instil in our growing young men and I thank his parents and Toby for passing on his incredible legacy to deserving people like Archie who I’m sure looks up to Toby.”

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