The Grapevine News Online updates as the news happens, providing you with local news, events and information on what’s happening in the local community and exposing the truth by scratching beneath the surface. It also provides a cross-selection of community interest and views.


It's parent publication, The Grapevine Community News, is the only full colour, glossy publication on the Central Coast of NSW that specialises in news events affecting the local community and has a proud history of serving the Central Coast Region for almost two decades.


The lead stories of the online digital edition and monthly print edition always cover events in detail and champion the needs of the people, ensuring that everyone becomes aware of the issues that concern them, including social and environmental justice news from journalist Jackie Pearson.

Alan Hayes OAM
Publisher / Managing Editor


Alan Hayes launched the Grapevine Community News almost two decades ago as the Rural Grapevine to serve the community in the rural valleys west of Wyong. There was no other local news media available.


The Rural Grapevine championed the needs of the locals and was instrumental in winning the fight to stop coal seam gas mining in this area, which is the major water catchment district for the entire Central Coast region of NSW. In 2006 when a South Korean Government-owned coal mining company decided it would seek to gain approval to mine coal from beneath the same area, the Rural Grapevine again became the war journal of the people. It was at this time that the Village Grapevine was launched into the suburban area of the Central Coast to inform those people as well of the devastating impact a coal mine would have on their water catchment.


Both publications continued to bring cutting-edge journalism to the people, exposing the truth without fear or favour, until in June 2020 both the rural and village editions shared a common name - The Grapevine Community News.


Alan Hayes, who was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his service to the community and to the environment as an author, has been a writer and journalist for more than 30 years. Now widely known to Australians and internationally through his It’s So Natural writings, he has published more than 36 best-selling books on herbs, health and natural alternatives, and his wide range of best-selling books shares his down-to-earth and practical knowledge about natural living. He is totally committed to recycling, healthy living and utilising natural resources, and his philosophy works three ways: do-it-yourself, save the planet, and save money.


Alan also writes an international weekly newspaper column and magazine column, entitled It's So Natural, that has continually published for thirty-one years.

Jackie Pearson


Jackie Pearson has worked as a journalist for the past 33 years and is a former Deputy Editor of Choice Magazine and long-term contributor to the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor Magazine and associated publications and websites. Jackie's ground-breaking Choice investigations into financial planning were acknowledge by the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism in 2003 and paved the way for changes in that industry.


In 2015 and 2019 Jackie returned to her roots and worked for a local, family-owned community newspaper company on the NSW Central Coast. Those years showed her the extent of hidden poverty in her own community. Working for the local papers showed her how punitive and demeaning our current "safety net" is. It was no surprise to her that our underclass is growing in Australia. She has seen it with her own eyes the number of second bite grocery hampers handed out by local community centres every day.


"Our attitude to the environment, to this wondrous planet that sustains us, is appalling," Jackie said. "Our laws are weak, their regulation is, at times, non-existent. As usual, the broader community does not know what it does not know - until it is too late. We've been brain washed by conservative media into believing we are powerless. In turn, we therefore decide that what ever we do won't change things."


Jackie has now become a regular contributor to the Grapevine and will, through her hard-hitting stories, demonstrate that there is a point to being well-informed so that you can stand up and speak your mind when change is required.

Grapevine News Online

Central Coast NSW

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