A gold medal for Scotty

In the midst of Sydney’s deepening COVID crisis,Scott Morrison has compared his COVID vaccine rollout to the gold medal winning performances of Australia's athletes at the Olympic Games.

30 July 2021


SCOTT Morrison said on national television, “and then like all of Australia, we go for gold on getting those vaccination rates where we need to go.”


That’s taking the special brand of Morrison BS to a whole new level.


So, let’s look at the facts:


  • Scott Morrison promised to bring all stranded Australians home by last Christmas. That was BS. More than 40,000 Australians were stuck overseas at Christmas and even today, thousands are still waiting for support from the Morrison Government to come home.


  • Scott Morrison promised 4 million Australians would be vaccinated by the end of March. That was BS too. By the end of March, fewer than 700,000 vaccine doses had been administered.


  • Scott Morrison also promised that all aged care and disability residents and workers would be vaccinated by Easter. That turned out to be BS too.


After monumentally failing on his only two jobs this year: rolling out the vaccine and implementing a national quarantine system,Scott Morrison is now trying to cloak himself in the world beating performances of our Australian Olympians.


That's just an insult.


The only gold medal Scott Morrison has earned is Australia's biggest BS artist.


It’s time Scott Morrison was called out on all the BS that comes from him.


As we have previously reported, Scott Morrison’s relationship with the truth has gotten beyond a joke.

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